Cerisia Ta’Torin  - 28 SEPT - 15 OCT
Terrace Gallery

Cerisia Ta’Torin - 28 SEPT - 15 OCT

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Private view: 01 October 18:00-20:00

Exhibition: 28 September - 15 October
12:00-18:00 Wednesday - Saturday

Cerisia is a Cornish-based artist who works from her studio in Tregidden on the lizard pen-
insula. She takes a lot of her inspiration from the countryside around her and the imaginary
world. Layers of paint, mark-making and primitive play to create a whimsical voice within her work. She produces illustrated poetry books that provoke and inspire others to connect
with a deeper sense of their own self.

Cerisia is an illustrative artist and poet.  In 2020 when lockdown began she had some time to really think about my creative business, where she wanted it to go and what the future may look like. Over the last 6 months, Cerisia has been working with expert poet, author and tutor Alison Howlett on her new illustrated poetry book. I received funding through Cultivator to have a mentor who has helped me edit down and iron out my recent work. In July 2021 she published her first book, My Heart Lives Here, and she has a second book in preparation that is funded by Cultivator.