Guests residents

After Our first temporary writer resident Emily Wheeler, photographer Kieran Brimson joined us for a month long residency in studio 2 for the month of March. Rachael Kinmond was our guest resident in April followed by Dawn Dance in June, and Ella Griffee in July. We hope to continue the guest residencies in the winter.


Dawn Dance (May 2021)
Dawn grew up in the rugged South West peninsular of Cornwall. She trained at Falmouth School of Art followed by a Fashion and Textiles degree at Kingston upon Thames. She has taught a wide range of art and design-based courses in Further and Secondary education alongside running her own businesses as a decorative artist, antiques restorer and gilder. 
Dawn returned to Cornwall in 2016 and gave up teaching to concentrate on painting the landscape she knows so well.



Rachael Kinmond (April 2021)
Rachael  is a multi-disciplinary Artist based in the UK. Rachael has worked with many materials and discovered many processes throughout her artistic career - she chooses the materials to suit the themes and ideas surrounding new works. Rachael is currently working in the medium of painting, upon completing her Fine Art MA she has immersed herself in using natural surroundings to inspire her current series of works. Rachael is available for commissions, collaborative work and will answer many questions surrounding her works. 

More of Rachael's work can be found on her webpage.

Kieran Brimson (March 2021)
Kieran's career as a professional photographer started in late 2011 with a degree in video production and three years London experience in film. He already had a strong idea of how to manipulate light, colour and space that would provide as a perfect stepping stone to make the switch to the frozen image so a progression into professional photography was inevitable.

Since 2011 he has photographed over 100 Cornish sunrises, explored the vast lands of America and some of the iconic cities of Europe. Within every photograph he finds an opportunity to capture something that has never been taken before, and tries to keep that in mind every time he ventures out.

For Kieran photography is not capturing reality, it is capturing a perception of reality. It is not just about seeing what is beautiful, it is understanding why it is beautiful and and knowing how to transfer your own mood and feeling onto a piece of art. 

His work can be purchased from our shop or his website