Saskia Sichermann - Farming for Peace

Online from the 8th of April
Meet the artist: 15th April 18:00-20:00

Live exhibition: 15- 25th April
12:00-18:00 Thursday- Sunday

Farming For Peace 
 - a collection of still images and a documentary film showing at the extended opening on the 15th April

Saskia Sichermann is an independent photographer and filmmaker with a degree in Marine and Natural History Photography. A love for nature, humans and the connection between the two makes her explore different locations around the globe.

Saskia has worked as an international freelance filmmaker and photographer. The project Farming For Peace documents youth in Northern Uganda on their journey learning the basics of farming to ensure a livelihood for themselves, their families and their communities. 

Her ethos to a more sustainable lifestyle inspires her current project Jardiner which encourages people to grow their own seasonal produce.

Her work has been exhibited around the USA, Germany and the UK including the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Saskia's web page