Lands End Light
Kieran Brimson

Lands End Light

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Lands End Light
by Kieran Brimson

Shot at sundown, capturing the Enys Dodnan Arch

*Certificate of authenticity included

Lands’ End Light captures the renowned Enys Dodnan arch, Armed Knight rock stack, and distant Longships Lighthouse, shortly before sundown.

Despite the dusky appearance, the sun was shining so brightly Kieran decided to keep it out of shot, in order not to lose the focus on these landmarks.

Although out of view, the sun’s presence can still be felt, illuminating the jagged cliffs with a warm glow. He chose this angle in order to get a spread of the golden hue across the whole image, that would otherwise be dominated by a blue-grey palette.

Standing above one of the coves, Kieran included the cliff edge beneath his feet to give a sense of place and depth to the image, which extends far out to sea.