Ben KIng

Ben King studied at the University of Ulster Ireland and is now based in Cornwall.

"Like life, my work changes and varies with different experiences. I would like to think of it as a reflection on what I see or would like to see. I constantly gather lots of images from different media. I have painted from life before but prefer to work from photos or drawings. I sometimes play around with different mark-making techniques and let an imaginative abstract image emerge from the canvas. If I can’t see anything interesting in my abstract paintings I paint over it or else work one of my drawings into it. My paintings build up lots of layers of semi-transparent paint using lots of gloss medium giving it a rich vibrant look. I paint mostly using high quality, high pigmented acrylics. Using acrylics reduces drying time and are water-based.

Ben is open to commissions and sells original paintings and prints offering a wide range of styles.